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  • Nov 25, 1990
    K.T. Oslin tells The Tennessean that Nashville's family atmosphere is sometimes tough for a woman living alone: "It seems to be a very married town, and that disturbs me. I was never so aware of being single as I am here"
    Aug 11, 1991
    Original "Hee Haw" cast member Cathy Baker tells The Tennessean eight veterans of the show have been dropped, including Marianne Rogers, Gunilla Hutton, Misty Rowe and Roni Stoneman
    Jul 27, 1992
    Billy Ray Cyrus tells The Tennessean why he low-keyed criticism from Travis Tritt in June: "My daddy told me a long time ago that if you stomp on shit, it will only smell worse. So I took one look at that pile and just walked around it"
    Apr 5, 1994
    As Conway Twitty's children feud over his estate with his wife, Dee Jenkins, daughter Kathy Jenkins displays her anger for the widow in The Tennessean: "I'm surprised the heavens don't open up and Daddy doesn't come down and knock her in the head"
    May 28, 1994
    Confederate Railroad lead singer Danny Shirley defends the band's moniker in The Tennessean: "It hurts my feelings when some people are offended by the name Confederate Railroad. This country is losing a lot of its regional appeal"
    Dec 25, 1994
    NBC-TV erroneously reports that Chet Atkins died earlier in the year, confusing him with actor Claude Akins. "Considering that I may have one foot in the grave, I'm doing pretty good," Atkins tells The Tennessean
    Jan 3, 1995
    Restless Heart's manager tells The Tennessean the group is taking a year off. In fact, the band has broken up
    Aug 7, 1995
    WSIX-FM personality Chuck "Hoss" Burns becomes the first major country figure to publicly admit he has AIDS, sharing his story on the air and in The Tennessean. "This is my greatest challenge," he says, "to show my dirty underwear to everybody"
    Dec 23, 1995
    The Tennessean quotes Clint Black, who says he goes through periods where he refuses to read his reviews: "I know when I suck"
    Mar 14, 1996
    The Tennessean reports Crystal Gayle spent the week in court, where she was summoned for jury duty. The defendant in the trial is charged with drug possession, weapon possession, aggravated assault and resisting arrest

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